Board of Directors

Board of Directors

George N. Appell, A.M., M.B.A., Ph.D. (President, Co-Director, Sabah Oral Literature Project; President, Borneo Research Council)
Laura W.R. Appell, B.S. (Co-Director, Sabah Oral Literature Project)
Laura P. Appell-Warren, Ed.M, Ed.D. (Faculty, St. Mark’s School)
Amity A. Doolittle, M.E.S., Ph.D. (Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies)
Charity Appell McNabb, B.F.A. (Co-Director, Bhutan Oral Literature and Language Documentation Project)
Anton Ploeg, Ph. D. (Nijmegen University)  
Vinson Sutlive, M.A., Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus, College of William and Mary; Executive Director, Borneo Research Council)


The responsibilities of the board of directors shall be to meet twice a year to set the Foundation’s budget, oversee the operations of the executive committee, and make decisions not within the scope of authority of the executive committee.


A quorum shall consist of 3 board members.


Advisory Board

John C. Warren, M.A., Ed.M., Ed.D. (Head of School, St. Mark’s School)
Michael J. Doolittle (Independent Photographer)
Alan C. McNabb (Mental Health Educator)



George N. Appell, A.M., M.B.A., Ph.D., President and Executive Director (Co-Director of the Sabah Oral Literature Project)
Laura W. R. Appell, B.S., Assistant Director (Co-Director of the Sabah Oral Literature Project)
Charity Appell McNabb, B.F.A., Vice President, Oral Literature Ethnography
Laura P. Appell-Warren, Ed.M., Ed.D., Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, Co-Chair Fellowships Committee
Amity A. Doolittle, M.E.S., Ph.D., Vice President Ecology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge




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